Sunday, 8 January 2012

The end is near!

It's been over a week since I've written and I must say that life has been going fairly well. My hair fell out again, sadly, and my cheeks have puffed out again but I'm off the steroid now so my cheeks will deflate again in a couple weeks. This past week I was feeling quite exhausted and achy all the time so I was taking naps a lot, but that is going away now. 

On Tuesday I have to go in for just a short chemo drug. For the following two weeks I will get chemo every day from Monday to Thursday. The doctors are expecting that I might get sick due to low blood counts which would really suck. If I get sick it means that everything will get postponed. :/ I thank God every day for bringing me this far without any major complications. Please pray that I don't get sick. 

 School has started up again and I've been doing some Algebra. I'm also going to be doing a writing course for the next couple months which will challenge me a little bit because when I have "chemo brain" my brain absolutely does not work at all. I can't even do a few math problems in a row before I get stuck and have to try something else. I've also been doing Physical Science this year :). The doctors say that they they will sign for a credit in science because of all the amount of information I've learned this year about cancer and hospital stuff. 

Count down: 3 weeks left of intense chemo. After this I will be taking oral chemo for a year and a half during which I will go in once a month for an IV chemo. 

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