Monday, 13 May 2013

Everything is peachy, wonderful, amazing. What a wonderful week it was! It was full of:

a choir concert
mothers (especially mine. I love you!)
a surprise (or not) b'day party
a good friend who I hadn't seen in 4 months
singing the "goat version" of Trouble by Taylor Swift in the car with my siblings
playing a horribly old and out of tune piano
late nights
sudden downpours

Ahh, yes. What a great group of friends I have. :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

my weekend

Just a bit of an update about what happened last weekend. Remember all those events I was stressed about? The weekend in Seattle went really well and I had lots of fun and was greatly inspired in many ways. Mostly to continue giving everything to God. On Monday I had my piano festival. My performance in the morning went ok. There was two of us and I got 2nd place so I didn't continue to the next round. My 2nd performance in the afternoon also went well and I played quite confidently. I was the only one in my class so I naturally got 1st place and moved to the next round. I played again on Thursday and I didn't play quite as well as I could have. So yes. That was my weekend.

10 weeks, 2 days. 72 days. Seriously?! :) :)