Sunday, 27 January 2013

it is time.

It is time. Time for an update.

I am 16. (Finally. It took me long enough.)
I have my Learners License.
My sister and I have successfully, for the time being, started our own business.
I am in Grade 10 school.
I am in Grade 10 piano.
I will be done all chemo treatments in July 2013. (6 months left!!)
I am stoked.
I am happy.
I love God.
I am an auntie to 5 beautiful nieces and 5 handsome nephews.
My family is the best.
My friends are amazing.
Learning how to drive a standard car.
Sunsets are amazing.
Stars take my breath away.
Sisters are one of the best things God has ever given to me.
The power of prayer is incredible.

:) This turned into a list of my favoritest things instead of an update. It will do just as well.