Thursday, 1 December 2011


Guess what?!? Phase 3 is officially over! :D This makes me very happy. Also the fact that it is finally December and Christmas is on its way. We are decorating the house today :) 

I had a great week. I figured out that my body is becoming immune to all this chemotherapy. My side effects just seem to become less and less every time, which is an answer to prayer. On Dec. 12th, I start phase 4. There are 10 weeks in phase 4...if all goes well I will be finished mid-February. I love it when time flies by. 

On Wednesday I had an Echocardiograph and a heart ultrasound. I think everything went well. The final results haven't come back yet. I had this done because the next drug I'm going to be taking affects the heart. So before taking it, my heart needs to be checked to make sure that it is working well.

All in all, my week went quite well. My hair has been getting really long. In about three weeks or so it will fall out again. :( The funny thing is that it doesn't even feel like real hair. It feels like is not coarse like boys' hair. 

This next phase is really going to bring my blood counts down. It is flu season and it wouldn't be good if I got an infection.  Please pray that I won't get set back in the next phase and that my body will be able to withstand all germs. 

:D :D 

P.S. the Canucks didn't come. boohoo. :(


  1. We will be praying for you! What a Great God we serve!

    Many blessings,