Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Phase 4 has begun! Yesterday I began my new treatments. The drug I had yesterday made me feel very nauseous. I wasn't expecting to be nauseous already on the first day. Today I'm feeling a little bit better. On Thursday I have to go in for a couple hours to get a drug. There is a slight possibility that I will get an anaphylactic reaction. :/ Hopefully not. At least I  can be happy about the fact that this is my last intense phase. My oncology doctor, Dr. Rod Rassekh, is really pleased with the way everything is looking. He is not sure yet if I will be having another PET Scan at the end of this phase.

I'm really happy that Christmas is on a weekend this year considering the fact that I never have to go to the hospital on weekends. Dr. Rassekh is letting me have Boxing Day off! Shopping here I come! :) The fact that my b'day is also on a weekend is nice too. Even though my b'day is a little over a month away I still like to think about it. :)

I need to take a picture of my hair and show it to you all before it falls out again and makes a big mess everywhere. I should also show you the baby blanket that I crocheted last week. Yesterday two ladies gave me a really cute baby pillowcase that they had made. 

Normal-ish life isn't too far away now. It makes very happy to say that. I hope and pray that the next six weeks go by quickly. 

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. And that the cancer treatments go as quickly as possible, but the Christmas and family parts of this month go as slowly as you want them to go. :)
    I applaud your crocheting skills. :P The only crocheting I did ended up lumpy and disfigured... so sad. :)