Wednesday, 7 September 2011

phase 2

Phase 2 has begun. I've already been through a week of it and overall I wouldn't call it a horrible week. Although it did have its bad moments.

 I've been having a little more nausea than in  Phase 1. So that hasn't been much fun...and on Thursday my "hemogoblins" were quite low so I had to get a blood transfusion. The doctors are really expecting my counts to be dropping and dropping fast. Especially this week. I got blood work done today and I will need another transfusion tomorrow. Apparently, the one chemo drug that I'm getting really destroys the blood cells.

I will soon need to be quarantined from the world. :( The white blood cells are the infection fighting cells and mine are getting quite low. Once it gets below a certain number I have to stay away from large crowds and sick people. It's really dangerous to be out among the public when you have nothing in your body to fight against all the germs. 

Monday was a really good day. I actually felt normal except for a slight headache. Since it was Labor Day I spent the day at Cultus Lake with the whole family. My one brother and his family weren't able to come but everyone else was there. I soaked up the sun, read a good book, went in the water, and tried to tan my white bald head. I don't know if it worked but I tried. It was fun. 

School started yesterday. Even though I didn't get home from Children's till 3 and my focusing level wasn't at its highest I did get some math, science, and reading done.

That's all for now...I was gone all morning so now it's time to get some school done again. Ciao.


  1. Hey, what's your blood type? Maybe you'll get some of mine. Or Esther's. :-) Praying for you, hon!

  2. If you're A+, you might have gotten some of the tiny amount I contributed... :P

    I like how you call them hemogoblins.

  3. hey girls, my blood type is O+...that would be pretty cool if I ended up getting some of your blood. :)

  4. Dear Rebecca...we are remembering you in prayer too. Your Mom sent me the link to your blog...what a lovely thing it is to see the LORD in your writing. May HE give you grace and strength day by day to look to HIM for all you need. How Wonderful HE is!!

    In HIS Love,
    Camille (Last name is private for the blog-world...but, you do know me)

    Psalm 46:1

  5. I'm B-, so you (hopefully) won't get any of mine. That wouldn't be very helpful at all. :) Praying for you always.