Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's not easy taking my problems one at a time...

...when they refuse to get in line :)

I had one whole week of freedom and now it is back to the grindstone. Yesterday I had my full day at the hospital. Missing one day of school doesn't really matter because I learn lots of things at the hospital that will help me in later years of school. For example: I learnt how to find the surface area of a person. :) You multiply their weight in kg, times their height in cm, divided by 3600, times the square root of the answer. Before my cancer I never even knew what chemotherapy was. :) I knew that it was treatment people took when they had cancer but I never gave any thought to what it actually is. I've learnt so much about the different medications and the millions and millions of side effects to each drug, ports, central lines, VAD's, IV's, all the different kinds of blood cells, and MUCH more. The funny thing is, is that I haven't just learnt, studied, and memorized it all from a textbook, I'm actually living it in my daily life. It's kind of scary. Last year I never even imagined that this is what my life would be like. Now I wonder what God will have for me next year...

People ask me how I'm feeling and I say "fine" or "good". Of course the only time I ever see people is on the weekends and that's when I'm always feeling my best. I have a feeling that I don't get half as sick as other kids. Sometimes I feel pretty nauseous and I do get a few headaches. I've been having lots of early mornings and late nights. The late nights haven't exactly been a good idea since it is cold/flu season now. I have a bit of cold and I am trying my hardest to get rid of it so that I don't get an infection or a fever. I'm really praying that this doesn't happen. 

It is foolish to tear one's hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness.  ~Cicero



  1. we love Becca! and we keep you in our prayers..
    love Tako Frances Esther Rebekah Joshua and Sarah