Wednesday, 31 August 2011

good times :)

If you remember, last Wednesday I had my PET scan. It sort of took longer than expected because the nurses sat for an hour searching for a vein to put my IV in. Apparently I have really small veins. They poked me a few times in my hand but weren't able to get it in. They finally found one in my left elbow after an hour of searching. Thursday evening we received good news. Praise God! The results of the PET scan came back quite positive, meaning that the doctors were extremely pleased with the results. Everything is within the normal range and they feel that this first month of treatment was very successful.

Wednesday night I fell flat on my face. Literally. Rachel and I were at the library and after we were done there we walked over to my sister's place across the street. One mistake was made though...we decided to jaywalk. The street wasn't very busy and we waited until the light farther down the street turned red. Little did I know that I did not have the strength or the stamina to run across the street. I barely ran two steps across before I did a face plant right across the road. I could hear Rachel freaking out telling me to get back on to the side walk. I tried to pull my self up but I didn't have the strength and I stumbled forward and fell again. By that time a car was coming and Rachel bravely stopped the car, pulled me up and helped me hobble across to the other side of the street. By now Rachel and I were both laughing hysterically at ourselves for being so stupid. I got a few scrapes on my knees and ankles now and I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson. I also know now not to run.

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