Thursday, 4 August 2011

busy. busy. busy.

I have learnt that in my kind of situation taking it one day at a time is always the best the way. 
Tuesday: chemo day is tuesday. I drive (well..I don't drive, Mom drives) to Children's Hospital. 9:30 a.m. is usually the time I have to be there in the mornings. I get there and they "access" me. Accessing is where they stick needles with tubes attached into my "port". A port is just a catheter under a thin layer of skin. They do this to make it easier for cancer patients so that they don't have to poked with a needle every time. I still have to be poked but it doesn't actually hurt. I'm then attached to my most devoted and faithful boyfriend "Polski". He never leaves my side. It's very touching. They give my chemo and it takes about 30 min for it to go through the line. I'm then de-accessed and get to leave. Everything went smooth sailing on tuesday so I was out of there by 11:30. Afterwards is when the party started. Sushi here we come!! Every now and then I get these mad sushi cravings and they have to be satisfied...especially when I'm on this drug that makes me want to eat and eat and eat. Alright so enough about food. Wig time!!! I went to the wig store. They took my measurements and I decided what style and color looked best. I'm getting brown, long and curly. Alright. fine. I'm not. I'm getting blonde, short, and straight. Something that looks like me. Nothing drastic. The best part is, is that they cost over $2000 and I don't pay for any of it. Zip. Zero. It's all paid for.  Now to wait for my hair to fall out. :) It's being custom made and it won't be ready for me to pick up for a couple weeks. After dinner the chemo started kicking in and I started feeling a bit blah. Sleep is always the best medicine. 

Wednesday: wednesday decided to be bad side effect day. No nausea but definitely lots of blurred vision, numbness in my face, and dizziness. It didn't really help that it was hot out and and I wasn't drinking very much. Well, because of these weird happenings in my head we decided the right thing to do was to inform my doctor of these things. Well. Little did we guess that I would have to go into Vancouver again today to get a glucose test done. This is where you realize that taking it one day at a time is always best. 

Today: For this glucose/blood test I had to fast. That was EXTREMELY hard. I almost died. :) What I thought would be a quick visit to the hospital turned into an all day ordeal of sitting around waiting for test results, going to the opthamology clinic to get an eye test, sitting around and waiting some more. and some more. And finally we get out of there at 3:00. It is crazy how sitting around and then walking from one end of the hospital to the other and then sitting around some more can tire you out. Blah. Major headache. Like I said. Sleep is the best medicine. 

p.s. I've been a bit scatterbrained...please excuse some of my randomness. :)


  1. I can't wait to try out your new wig... I've always wanted to be a blonde! :)

  2. Katelyn's violin teacher donated a long blonde pony tail a couple of years ago... now she has breast cancer and is taking chemo, just starting to loose her hair... kind of ironic. Will your wig be real hair? Can you change the style a little? ex. curls?

  3. Becca,

    I hope you are meeting some special people during your sojourns at the hospital. When my mom had cancer I was so impressed by the nurses and how committed they were. Many Christians were involved in her care which made me happy because she doesn't know the Lord. That was 15 years ago, she is going on 85 now and she is alive and well.

    Praying for you and fasting for you every Tuesday to Wednesday!

    Mrs. Farris
    Isaiah 55:10,11

  4. darn- you're not getting my hair. :( I have donated before a few years back, and then this past May shaved my head in solidarity (with my favorite aunt) and donated a bunch again. But I'm not blonde, so it likely isn't mine. I've been at camp, so I've not kept up with your blogs lately, but I do think of you and pray for you often and I'm glad you're keeping your spirits up. <3