Tuesday, 23 August 2011

some random bits of news...

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, gifts, visits, and concern. I'm greatly blessed and amazed by how many people are praying and thinking of me. I'm thanking God for the fact that I haven't had any more nightmares, but when one problem goes away another problem always seems to come up in its place. I've been getting really bad knee problems. :( It gets pretty bad. Almost to the point where I can barely walk.  For the past few nights the pain has been so bad I haven't been able to sleep.  I did say that I lost a lot weight but I have slowly but surely been gaining it back. Which is good.
Some of you may have heard already but I am now bald. Totally bald.
me and my pastor :)
We're bald buddies now. I will be receiving my wig on Sept. 2. It is a little far away but making wigs are very intricate things and it's the time of year where all the kids want their wigs before school starts. I have scarves and hats so I don't really care that I'm not getting it right away. Anyways, it is easy being bald and it doesn't take much work.
I don't start Phase 2 of chemo till next week Tuesday. On Tuesdays I will have to be in the hospital all day from 8 till 5 and then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I will hopefully just have to go into Abbotsford for quick 10 minute chemo sessions. I'm not entirely sure if this is how it is going to be for the next month and a half but I guess I will just have to take it as it comes. It's going to be hectic. That is all I know.
I've been greatly blessed by the girls in my church. They have had so many prayer meetings with me and for me over the past month and half. It has been a great blessing and encouragement and I want to thank them for doing this for me.

Prayer requests:
- thanksgiving that I haven't had anymore nightmares.
-that my knees would heal.
-I have a PET Scan tomorrow morning and I would really like prayer that no cancer would show up on the scan.

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  1. Yay bald! You're so beautiful~ isn't it amazing how being bald makes your eyes stand out more and your smile have an even bigger impact? And you have the advantage of not having to shave it with a bic razor every other day... Make the most of this season of your life~ being bald is for the brave, and cancer a ride for the most courageous. you are BOTH, beautiful Becca~ never forget it.