Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A good day.

Last night Dad, Nathaniel, Rachel, Ethan, and Joel came by. I was sort of feeling a little bit low before they came and so it nicely cheered me up. They stayed for a couple hours and we played video games in the really humongous playroom that they have here in the hospital. Even though I hadn't seen them for about only one day I still really loved that it that they came by. Right after they left I started feeling nauseous and gross so my nurse gave me some Gravol and it put me to sleep right away. Unlike the night before I slept really well this night.  It was mostly because of the medication though. 

The hospital, in its own way of course, is really nice because you don't have a set time when you have to wake up and you can stay in bed as long as you like without feeling guilty. :) The morning went quite fast except for the fact that I started feeling a bit sick again. I also had a headache pretty much all day today. At about 2 p.m. Racha, Tabitha, Esther, and Katelyn all came over to visit me. They gave me a really cute stuffed animal/cow which Racha named 'Freddy'. Unfortunately the balloon that they were going to give me floated away into the sky right as they were about to come see me. :( I showed the girls around my temporary home and around the playroom which as I said before is HUMONGOUS. 

    This is me with my cow, computer, and to the right is the machine that I'm hooked up to.

(btw, I haven't yet named my machine so if you have any good suggestions just throw them out there.) :) 
Tonight was like the first night that my stomach felt settled enough to eating dinner. My stomach decided to stay in the middle of my body instead of moving to my throat or a weird place like that.

Jonathan and Jennifer came over tonight which made me really happy. We played cribbage and talked till 9:45 p.m.. Jennifer is going to come on Saturday and relieve Mom of her duties. :)

                                                                         this was right before J+J and left...

p.s. Those of you who heard about the three wishes that I get, my first wish is going to be a yellow volkswagen beetle. :)
p.p.s. I feel like a dog chained to a pole. :D


  1. a yellow beetle is really cool. Personally I like this one better:
    But that doesn't matter, because I'll never get it :P <3 u, Rachel

  2. Great wish Rebecca! :) As for naming your machine, well don't get me started :D You could be original and call it Miss Ivy or Miss Daisy...what about Clarice or Arabella? I'm sure I'll think of more :) I love you! xoxo

  3. I agree with Miss Daisy, since when you push it around it's kind of like you're driving it, right? Tee hee.