Saturday, 23 July 2011

an extremely long but busy week.

My mind is in a very sad state of affairs. All the days of this week have gotten muddled together and I can't remember which day is which. :( I will try my hardest to remember though. Let's see..

On Thursday some friends came over and Sarah V. suggested the BEST WISH EVER!!!!! A few of you know, but not everyone knows, that I love to play the piano. I am not the greatest at playing by ear but when it comes to competitions I love to play and have lessons. So wish #1 is: a yellow volkswagen beetle and wish #2 is: a GRAND PIANO!!! :) One exactly like this:  Check it out!! I haven't yet figured out yet what wish #3 should be... I have some ideas but none that have totally grabbed my attention. Give me some ideas ...pretty please. :) One of the reasons that I picked that type of car is because, one, I totally love beetles, and two, Mom had one when she was 18 or 19. 

The medication that my doctors have prescribed for me is annoying. It tastes disgusting and has bothersome side effects. Such as loss of appetite and making me want to cry all the time. Yesterday was one of the worst days so far. Not because people didn't visit me or because I was feeling sorry for myself but because the drugs that I am on make me extremely moody. Either I'm feeling really good and happy or I'm feeling really gross and weepy. Sigh.
Last night was really fun. I was Skyping Elyse and we were chatting, when Elyse got it into her head that we should spam Betty-Ann's (my sister's) Facebook wall. It was soooo much fun. While I was talking to her my some of my family came by along with my 2nd oldest brother Benjamin. He also has a blog if you want to check it out: Anyways, I had a lot of fun with the family.
Now it is Saturday and Jennifer is here taking care of me and we are having quite a lot of fun. We played some games, btw I won both games that we played :), and we watched a chick flick and we are having a great time. Tomorrow my doctor is going to let me go on pass to church and then I will come back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon. They will probably let me go home Tuesday afternoon. Everything so far has been looking great and so I'm happy about that.
Got to go now and watch some more chick flicks. :)


  1. chick flicks....yuck! " he is soooo hot, he is sooooo dreamy!" gag me!

  2. as much as I would love for you to get a Steinway grand, (with NO ulterior motives, of course), you might just have to negotiate that one... i.e., yamaha or kawaii?? :S