Monday, 13 August 2012

living in fast forward

Life has been busy, obviously, or else I would have posted a long time ago. This past week I went on a road trip with my two sisters and it was a LOT of fun. :) We went to Leavenworth, a cute little German town with lots of small shops to explore. We stayed there for one night and went to Omak the following afternoon. Omak is a very dead town with nothing to see. The only reason we went there was to go to the Omak Stampede and the World Famous Suicide Race. The name of the Suicide Race sounds horrible but it isn't as cruel as the name appears. It's just a race where a bunch of bareback riders race down a steep hill into the Omak River, cross the river as fast as possible and come into the arena. The first one across the finish line wins. No one got killed or injured.

I've been working on some crocheting projects.
I'm in the middle of making this right now:

Things are changing and life will never be the same again. Nathaniel is leaving for college to a far, far away land. He's going to Nashville, Tennessee. He's leaving very early Wednesday morning. Life is going to be very weird without him. Now there will only be 6. For many people, that is still quite a lot but for me that is a very small amount.

Seeing as I am living a normal life now and as I will be heading into Gr. 10 in school, I'm not sure how much time I will have to write. Maybe more, maybe less. Piano will also take up quite a bit of my time.

It has been over one year now and it all seems so surreal. This Saturday on August 18th, one year ago, I shaved my head...

...and I looked like this...

So many memories. During those times, I read Psalm 27 over and over again. It is definitely my favorite psalm.
The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?
When the wicked came against me

To eat up my flesh,
My enemies and foes,
They stumbled and fell.
Though an army may encamp against me,
My heart shall not fear;
Though war may rise against me,
In this I will be confident.

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  1. Oh, Summer is busy, isn't it?? We Mums think it will be a slower pace and life will be *easier*, but,'s not like that at's just a different kind of busy!! :) How wonderful that you were able to go away with your much fun!! I think Leavenworth is so cute. :) And, we will be praying for Nathaniel and you all as you go through this transition. Time flies by and our young ones grow's bitter sweet. Just try not to grow up too quickly least for the sake of you Mom!! ;-)

    With love,