Monday, 9 July 2012


Life moves on and those special moments pass all too quickly. Trials and tribulations can either tear apart or pull people closer together. Now that this hardship is passing away from me, I can definitely say that I've become closer to all those that I call friends. God pulled me out of my little box and showed me what He thought was better for me. 

62. God's complete and ultimate control over my life.
63. That great, big ball of fire in the sky that lights up this world.
64. Joel. Sometimes you say the darndest and randomest things. :)
65. My parents. Happy Anniversary! :)
66. Annual church badminton tournaments.
67. Church picnics.
68. Ultimate frisbee in the blistering heat.
69. Elyse. I love that you often talk to yourself out loud. :)
70. For that one book that is so well written that it makes me cry.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears:

1. God. His great power and awe-inspiringness should incite fear in everyone.

2. The hospital. The first time I went to a hospital was to get an X-ray done. That experience was fine but after that it just went downhill. My tests started becoming more in-depth and extensive. My fear went so far that I vomited at the smell of the hospital parkade.

3. Jaywalking. I once started to run across the road, but I ended up falling flat on my face. My sis saved my life by stopping oncoming traffic, picking me up, and helping me the rest of the way. I laughed then and I laugh now, but I try my hardest to avoid jaywalking now.

I'm doing a 30 day challenge which is why I'm writing about all these random topics. I found the list on another lady's blog and I liked it. I won't be writing everyday because I don't have enough time for that. This is a great way for you to learn more about me. :)

*this word means "pertaining to a very long word." :D

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  1. Fun post Rebecca! Keep on are doing great!! And anniversary wishes...which day?? Ours was the 6th of July. :)

    Love to you!