Sunday, 1 April 2012

trust in the Lord

It's that time again. I spent an hour on Thursday getting my checkup and routine drug. Afterwards, Mom and I spent some time visiting a good friend of ours and her son who was just diagnosed with a severe heart condition. He has been in the hospital since last Sunday. Prayer for healing and full recovery is appreciated. Please pray for peace for him and his family. You can read more about it here:

Sometimes the best thing to do is to pray...

...and to trust that He will answer your prayers. 

There isn't much to tell about myself except that I'm feeling great. My hair is growing quite fast. Sometimes it seems like it's growing really slow but others tell me that it's coming in fast. I really wish that the sun would come to stay because then I won't have to wear any toques or hats anymore. My head still gets cold so I still have to wear hats, even in the house. 

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  1. OH Becca....thank you SO much for posting about this! You really are a Sweetie Pie! :) May the LORD be glorified in your life ( HE has already been), and in our lives too. God is Good. Always. And we rest in HIS perfect and Sovereign plan. His ways are best. May the LORD bless you with continued good health. It was a great blessing to see you and visit with you in the hospital the other day.

    So much love to you all!
    Camille XO
    Isaiah 26:3-4