Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"There is one thing about baldness...'s neat." Don Herold said this and I completely agree. Not that I don't want it to grow back. It is certainly growing fast and it is very soft and feathery. :) Remember when I had only 2 lashes left? Well, my eyelashes are very full now and they are growing back nice and fast. At first, my eyebrows seemed to be coming in dark but now they've lightened up which I'm very happy about. I love my blonde hair and I would like to keep it. 

Everything is back to routine and I'm really happy about that. Never before did I realize how amazing routine can be. 5 days a month, I take a steroid. After coming off the steroid I feel really achy and drained of energy. This feeling usually lasts for a few days. So, right now I'm not exactly feeling very well. :( I'm sure that after it goes away I will be feeling great. The church dance is on Friday and I'm hoping that I will be feeling well enough to go. 

My appointment last Thursday at Children's went really well. It was nice and quick and I was out of there in an hour and a half. It was the quickest visit that I've ever had there. :) 

I don't care if they call me "baldie" or "chrome dome."  God took an eraser and brushed my head clean.  I'd rather be bald on top than bald inside.  ~Joe Garagiola

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  1. You are a sweetie pie. How wonderful that the LORD has given you such a lovely attitude!

    Blessings to you!