Thursday, 10 May 2012

summer, sun, and science :)

I had a wonderful time in Seattle. It was fun. It made me want to go away and have fun more often. :D I started piano lessons up again a few weeks ago. My hands and fingers feel so out of shape because I haven't practiced for quite a while. But it feels good to be playing and practicing again. It makes me happy.

8. gorgeous sunsets.
9. warm weather.
10. hot soothing tea.
11. doing well on my science test. 
12. having a lady at the store tell me that she liked my haircut.
13. healthy days.
14. fun weekends away.
15. good times with family and friends.
16. Rachel and Ethan.
17. the green grass.
18. having blood start squirting everywhere after getting my blood work done. :)
19. boring books.
20. the piano. 
21. rain, rain, and more rain.
22. birds chirping outside.
23. sun.
24. the newborn calf.
25. church.
26. fellowship.
27. because of low blood counts I haven't needed to be on my medication/chemo for the past 2 weeks and won't need to be on it for another week . Yay! :)

I started a notebook of my blessings. Every time I think of a new one I jot it down. That way I don't have to think of them on the spot when I write a new post. Join me in counting your blessings. They often come in disguises. 


  1. You make me smile! Keep counting. :)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day!


  2. May God continue to bless you more and more! :)