Thursday, 17 November 2011


I want to thank everyone for all the prayers this past week. Of the last three hospital admissions this one has been the best one of all. :) All week I was only a little bit nauseous, which was amazing. I was totally not expecting it to go so well. The amount of visitors that I had this week was incredible. Thank-you to all those who came and visited. When people visit me it breaks up the day and gives me a new face to look at. I hope that the next time I'm admitted, it will be just as good. :) 

It's a winter wonderland outside today. :) I'm not crazy about being in the snow but I love to look at it. 

:D :D A nurse told me that the Canucks usually come to the hospital during the last week of November or the first week of December. I will be in the hospital for the last week of November. I'm really hoping that they come and that I will get to see them. :D

I'm so excited that in thirteen days it will December!! It's crazy! Anyways, I'm really happy that this third phase is almost over and I praise God for His gentleness and kindness. 


  1. I'm so glad that your week went well, especially given your expectations from last week!

    I haven't commented much, but I always look forward to your posts, here. You write so well, and from this distance (about 100 miles) it really is a nice way to keep "up-to-date" regarding your situation.

    I don't think I've mentioned this, but the Thursday Night Bible Study that I participate in has pretty much "adopted" you, praying every week since shortly after this "adventure" started. The time-stamp on this post especially made me smile, as you posted it right about the time that we were praying for you!

    A couple of our members have been especially interested in your progress, as one (our retired Pastor) was just finishing what was essentially the same treatment right around the time that you started.

    Your positive attitude, your gentle courage, and your well-expressed Love and Trust in the Lord are a wonderful witness. He is clearly using you to touch many hearts and lives!

    Be encouraged, and please do continue to keep us all posted!

  2. Hang in there! I just visited a little with your Mom today...we are praying for you.

    (Psalm 46)

  3. Rebecca, it was so great to see you at the dance yesterday! I hope you feel just as amazing as you look. :)

    Enjoying Herbert? Esther, Katelyn and I are hoping to plan a visit sometime soon - let me know when you'll be in the hospital next.

    Have a wonderful splendiferous weekend.

    <3 Kristin