Monday, 21 July 2014

good news :)

Today we went to BC Children's Hospital. When Mom and I arrived there at 9:30, I checked myself in and picked up my bloodwork requisition. We headed upstairs to the lab where after a little bit of digging around in my arm the lab lady finally struck gold and the first step to my visit was completed. After this we walked over to the longterm visit clinic which we found out was closed so away we went back to the outpatient clinic area. After some waiting (which you can't avoid when you are at the hospital), I had my height and weight checked by a nurse. After some more waiting, an intern clinical doctor from South Africa (she had an awesome accent) brought me into an office where she checked me out. Shortly thereafter I got my ECG and Echo done and the results of those were normal. By this time it was 11:30 and Mom and I headed back to the Oncology clinic where we waited to see Dr. Rassekh (my doctor/oncologist). When I finally went in to talk with him, I informed him about the pain in my arm and because he is such an awesome guy he sent me for an X-Ray right away. By the time I was finished with my X-Ray it was 12:30. After about 20 minutes of more waiting Dr. Rassekh came back and called us into his office and told us the good news. He said that nothing abnormal showed up and that if it got worse I should call him and he would send me for an MRI. So the key is lots of rest and relaxation. Yay for me! :) And what I think is the best news of all, is that three years ago the bones in my elbow looked moth eaten (basically lots of holes in my bone) but now it looks normal! Praise the Lord. :)

Super happy. Now I hope that the pain will go away and be gone forever. It wasn't painful yesterday or today so hopefully it will stay that way.

Thanks for all the prayers everyone and thanks for being awesome! I really do appreciate it. :)

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  1. They found gold in your arm? No wonder it hurt! ;) Seriously though, that is wonderful news, and an answer to prayer. Enjoy the R&R!