Friday, 4 October 2013

the blessings of life

Wasn't summer amazing? I am missing it now as this rain seems to be never ending. Our family vacation at the beginning of September was awesomely fun despite the occasional downpour. The great thing about being homeschooled is that you can go on vacation during the first week of school and not even care. You just make up for it later on. It's marvelous. 

On one of the cloudier and windier days, Rachel and I walked to the beach down road and had some fun in the water and sand and we took a few photos to capture the day. 

I was super happy about the smiley face on the road. Whoever did it is brilliant. 

Now that school has started up and fall is coming, I realize how blessed I am.

I am blessed by being healthy.
I am blessed by being happy.
I am blessed by being able to write.
I am blessed with so much more. God is a great Provider and He fulfills my needs every day. He continues to surprise me in so many different ways. 
And I am blessed by being able to play this amazing piano. Oh, how I love it. 

I am doing my Gr. 10 piano exam this year and I know that it will be tough. But I think I am ready for the challenge. I mean, if I can be sick and vomiting for 1/2 a year because of cancer and chemotherapy, I am pretty sure I can conquer a piano exam. But I know that I can only do it if I trust God for His help. 

Have a blessed day and weekend!


  1. this post makes me happy.

  2. I agree...there's nothing quite like a holiday the first week of September! Today it's sunny out...I bet that makes you happy. :) And, are blessed! Your piano looks lovely. And, I am sure you will do well on your step at a time. Enjoy the journey! Love, Camille XO