Monday, 22 July 2013


AND..... I'm done!!! I am SO happy to be done. I was technically done on Friday (I had to take a few chemo pills) but we celebrated the day before when I had to go in and get my last treatment through IV.  All my sisters took the day off of work to come celebrate in the joyous occasion. :)

Sitting around waiting to get my treatment.

After waiting for a while, the nurse called me and she checked all my vital signs for the last time (not really) and then I received my final chemo!

My Doctor and I

I love my family so much! They are so supportive and awesome and they are so excited that I am finally done. 

After leaving the hospital, we went for lunch in Gastown and then enjoyed the shops and sights on Granville Island. 

My gorgeous sisters and one adorable child. 

Joel practicing his babywearing skills :)

And because I am done they gave me a Certificate of Bravery, a Courage Award, and a little stuffed puppy. :)

I give praise and thanks to God for all His love and grace that He has poured on me. I am so happy to be done and whatever happens in the future I know that God will always be there to lift me up.

As a final salute to being done, here is a video that Rachel made.


  1. So happy for you AND your family, Rebecca! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Psalm 1.

    Mrs. Farris

  2. This is such a WONDERFUL post sweet Rebecca!! You and your sisters are ALL beautiful. ( too, of course...where do you think those genes came from?) How fun to see the littlest man along for the all makes me feel very, very OLD! Your Mom, however, looks none the worse for it all...hmmm...I think I've done something wrong. :) May the LORD give you many, many years to serve HIM here Rebecca until HE calls you HOME. How precious it is that HE walks these paths with HIS people. Much Love, Camille