Sunday, 27 January 2013

it is time.

It is time. Time for an update.

I am 16. (Finally. It took me long enough.)
I have my Learners License.
My sister and I have successfully, for the time being, started our own business.
I am in Grade 10 school.
I am in Grade 10 piano.
I will be done all chemo treatments in July 2013. (6 months left!!)
I am stoked.
I am happy.
I love God.
I am an auntie to 5 beautiful nieces and 5 handsome nephews.
My family is the best.
My friends are amazing.
Learning how to drive a standard car.
Sunsets are amazing.
Stars take my breath away.
Sisters are one of the best things God has ever given to me.
The power of prayer is incredible.

:) This turned into a list of my favoritest things instead of an update. It will do just as well. 

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  1. Happy Sweet Sixteen Rebecca!! I remember when you were born...Calvin is just a little younger than you...and, soon, he will have his learner's too! Congrats on getting it and on learning to drive!! What an adventure!! Yippee for being in the year that Chemo will stop!! Yes, God is Good. We were praying for you the other evening as a family. His ways are perfect.

    With love,
    Psalm 61:1-2