Friday, 8 June 2012


I have been doing really well lately. I've been busy with school and I'm in the midst of doing a whole bunch of projects. I'm crocheting a baby blanket that looks like this:

I'm doing it with Rachel and the colors are blue and green with white trim. Canucks colors. So far it is looking pretty awesome. 
I'm also in the midst of sewing a 4 block quilt/wall hanging. I'm almost finished with it. I just have to sew the back and the trim on. I'm feeling really productive with all the stuff I'm getting done. 

45. Seeing a bird sitting on the back of a horse.
46. Sheared sheep. This marks the beginning of the summer for me, even if there is no sun.
47. Baking cupcakes and icing them with Rachel.
48. Being homeschooled. When I get chemo brain I get to read all day. :)
49. Psalm 27.
50. Rain. It makes doing school during the summer all the more bearable.
51. Thunder. It makes rain all the more endurable. 
52. Betty-Ann. 

Ok, so this isn't me obviously, but I found it and I thought it was pretty epic.


  1. the re-growing is SUCH a long process.... I didn't do a time-laps or photo montage of mine, but a year (minus a week) and 3 haircuts to tidy it up later, it's finally almost at a bearable length. The number of times I've considered just re-shaving it, many! bald is awesome~ I miss it. :)

  2. Keep counting Rebecca! :)